Monday, May 18, 2009

Outstanding numbers!

I read that 43K at meeting on Friday, an additional 30K on Saturday, so it could well top 75,000. In Louisville which as I recall was the record they had 65K in 3 days the Phoenix meeting should send a message that Americans will not be disarmed

Friday, turns out I didn't read it, it was on a morning news program in SLC
Saturday #


BitterB said...

How do you know the numbers? I'm in the board meeting now waiting for the numbers. They don't even tally them until late Sunday. Louisville had more than 65k. 65k was a record for St. Louis IIRC. I'd have to look at my notes from that board meeting to see.

The Duck said...

I have been checking all over the net newpaper & news station reports, & Louisville numbers were higher? That's cool, I was going from memory & it's not as great as it once was.
I would have posted the 43K link but had some problem getting it to work.