Thursday, May 07, 2009

Message from The Hall
You were with me to the very end and even after I had "gone" you held me, and as my soul left my body and the Valkyrie carried me away I looked down and saw you crying.

I wanted so much to tell you that I understood. You did this for me. I wanted you to know I was not gone; I have just gone to another place.

I tried to tell you in my own way that it was time for me to leave, and I thank you for understanding. No other will take my place, but those I left behind will need your love and affection as I have had.

You still think of me, and there are times you try to hide your tear-filled eyes....but happy and think not of sadness, but of how we lived laughed and loved.

I met my brothers, and took my place, banging sword on shield, feast & fight

There are no barriers in Valhalla, so we live life free

There are no sheep in Valhalla, therefore fear is never present.

We war, we fight, we live & die, and are reborn in Valhalla.

There is no hunger. There is no thirst. We of Valhalla have adventure.

We have no seasons in Valhalla, and it’s always fair here.

So you see, my loved one, I am very happy, here with my brothers of the sword
When it comes time for my friends to leave, I will meet them at the gates of Valhalla, and I will acquaint them with this place of ageless courage and strength
Thank you for loving me, caring for me, and having the courage to let me go with dignity.

Rest well Al you were gone to soon

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