Monday, May 04, 2009

Ditched project

Awhile back, I traded for a Kimber Custom II, in 38 Super, was going to convert it to 9mm, but it seems none of the local smiths wanted any part of it.
One told me it was not possible to put a 9mm barrel in a 38 Super Government Slide, as no one made them, I pointed Fusion made one, but he he said it wouldn't fit a Kimber.
The second guy I talked to told me I really should consider taking up reloading rather than switch calibers, when I told him I had no interest in the 38 Super, he told me I should then convert it to 45 ACP, & reload for that, & pointed me to a couple of reloading dealers to get the equipment.
While I admit one can save money reloading, I still have no strong interest in doing so, & if I were it would be a Dillion 550 or bigger so I could crank them out at fairly high speed. As I much more interested in shooting, than I am reloading.

While at the show I spotted a Kimber Custom Target in Stainless in 9mm, & worked a trade. It was a bit of loss, but now I have what I wanted in the first place without the hassle, now I'll check & see what Esmeralda has in some nice grips for it.

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