Thursday, May 21, 2009

House Cleaning

My upstairs, is a sort half finished area, & we really have only used it for storage, & when something gets in the way it is taken up there & stashed. Well it had gotten to the point of a couple of narrow pathways, one from the stairs to the other end, well almost to the other end, & one branching off to where I store ammo.

Well yesterday after a frutless search for some wrenches, I decided to make space, so hit it this morning, lord how much useless crap can one collect?? Although there have been some cool surprises, like finding 1200 hundred rounds of 9mm I didn't know I had.

The job is no where near done, but I did open up some space to sort things out, & will be an on going project for awhile. Of course have not found the wrenches yet................

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