Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last weeks Trip

We got through all the TSA with no problem, but we did plan a bit ahead, & made sure we didn't carry anything on that would cause a problem.
Suppose to leave Dayton at 4pm, 30 minute delay, we only had a hour in Denver, now shortened to 1/2 hour, but the gates were close together, got to Phoenix got the rental , & headed downtown, we noted the lack of even fast food places, found the motel, & asked directions for food, which we didn't really get, but did find an open MC Donalds, when I saw the sign "no bed rolls allowed inside", I told Jim lets get it to go, lot of strange birds inside & out, & my 1911 would have felt very comfortable at the time, Friday morning we of course were still on Ohio time, so we were up at like 4am, drove to the convention center, & signed in Jim decided to bump up to Benefactor member, so while we waited for show to open, we spend some time & money at the NRA store, & found the pressroom, & I finally got to meet Bitter, the girl does a lot of work for the bloggers. The show was great & & it's posted below, around 4 headed back to the airport, & flew back to Denver for our connection to SLC, well there was an hour & half delay which got us in pretty late, so we threw the luggage in the back of the rental, & going from memory of looking at the map, found the motel, it would have helped if the road we were looking for was the same as the street sign, we got in the room about 2 am Utah time, & by 5 am we were moving about.
At least the Hampton Inn had a good breakfast, as we had eaten at the convention, & at the airport in Phoenix. The Utah CC Instructors class was very good, but I can't see why we need to attend it every three years. They had left the class ending time kinda of open so we didn't fly out till 5pm, which means we sat at the airport for a while, although SLC airport was cool, in that they did provide smoking rooms. Got to Denver and had the 3rd delay, no flight crew, so we cooled our heels & got into Dayton around midnight. We covered a lot in 55 hours.

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