Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama Ads

"We can end the war"
You can only end a war, when one side or the other surrenders, or both sides agree to a truce. Pulling all the troops out of the sandbox, does not mean the war will be ended, if our enemies want to continue. It simply means the the front lines won't be in Baghdad, they will be in Springfield or Atlanta

"We can save the planet"
We only take up a small portion of the earth, perhaps the plan is to use those troops no longer fighting to force everyone else to their part on Earth Day?

"We can fix the Environment"
Wow I'm impressed that we have more power than mother nature, it's her gig, & anything we do to "fix" it will look silly compared to her power, What was painted on the bottom of the titanic

"We can fix the Economy"
The government has never been able to fix the economy, Reagan knew that, companies that employ people, can do a lot for the economy, but not when you tie their hands behind their backs & tell they have to hop on one leg. Wages are not the real reason the companys move overseas.

But if we are to believe all of these promises, perhaps we can all have 4 day work weeks, with 5 days pay, & free Cherry Pie on fridays!

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