Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anti-Gunners launch campaign to stop Best Selling pro-gun Book
Weeks ago the Second Amendment Foundation revealed that America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman is the book anti-gunners don't want you to read.
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Now the anti-gun campaign to stop sales of this book on has clearly surfaced in a so-called "review" by one Arthur Hayhoe of Wesley Chapel, Florida. In a poorly-worded critique littered with spelling errors, Hayhoe declares the book to be "a rehash of all the old and very stale gun lobby arguements (sic)" and further insists that "There is no evidence concealed carry has reduced crime anywhere."
Hayhoe, to aid their "ban the book" campaign gives a rating (or ranting) read by thousands of potential buyers as poor as his spelling to America Fights Back, but here's what he DOESN'T say:
Arthur Hayhoe is the executive director of a group calling itself the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Inc., a well funded anti-gun organization that has received grant funding from the extremist Americans for Gun Safety. AGS is a Trojan horse gun control group that has had to change its name to the less-onerous "Third Way" in order to keep fooling people about its mission. Americans for Gun Safety is bankrolled by millionaire anti-gunner Andrew McKelvey, former board member of Handgun Control, Inc., which became the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Connect the dots!
Meanwhile, one of the more vicious anti-gun rights websites on the Internet that is part of this "ban the book" campaign has attacked America Fights Back and co-author Alan Gottlieb. This website rants that America Fights Back is "a gun mayhem book that you don't want to buy!"
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But here's what the operators of the website bury in the basement: They're "a project" of the anti-gun Freedom States Alliance, which is funded by the wealthy anti-gun rights Joyce Foundation!
The campaign by anti-gunners to prevent you from reading America Fights Back is now out in the open. They want to silence the truth.
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Find out what the extremist anti-gun lobby does not want you to know. America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age is available now on and Barnes&, as well as in their stores, Borders Books and other major outlets.

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