Friday, February 29, 2008


Bob Ricker 27-Feb-08 at 1:31 pm Permalink
"I don’t understand why you self defense whackos are so concerned about how AHSA elects its directors or our how the organizations finances work. We value quality over mere quantity and let me asure you there are plenty of very wealthy “progressive” gunowners out there who understand AHSA’s mission. You know, NRA in over 100 years has only signed up about 4 million of the 70 million gun ownres out there and it’s not like the other 66 million gun owners have not heard from the NRA- clearly a huge majority of gun owners have rejected NRA’s message."

So per Mr Rickers (if they are his) comments those concerned about self defense are wackos, also he implies, that they really don't want common folks to be members, so are they elitist?
In truth getting more than about 5% of any one interest group involved is really pretty tough.
& it should be pointed out that the NRA has had well 4 million members in the last 137 years.
The current standing is around 4 million.

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