Thursday, February 14, 2008

NIU Shooting

Laying in the fetal position will not prevent the wolf from tearing out your throat!!

"I was running but I was hurtling over people in the fetal position.";_ylt=AjvpJmNuGYI5gMW1Fb.GGDRH2ocA

Kazmierczak had no history of mental illness (but was on meds) and no history of arrests, which would have allowed him to qualify to buy the guns under the state's gun laws, sources said.
By all accounts Kazmierczak was a good student. Serving as a member of the NIU Academic Criminal Justice Assocation, and a teaching aid as an undergraduate. In 2006 he recieved a Dean's Award from the sociology department.

The FOID background check is thorough, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says. Once the process was completed, a prospective buyer could have his weapon after a 72-hour waiting period for handguns and a 24-hour period for long guns.

Marko has a good editoral on the subject:

Police said they got to the hall within two minutes of the 3 p.m. shooting.

Two minutes, and it was all over 6 dead (including the shooter), only those at the scene could have done anything to have stopped threat, but we can't trust them........we just let them die.

Another mass shooting this time in an anti gun state, 23 shot. 6 dead including the shooter.
Since there is no way to get a ccw license in Illnois it was another "Gun Free" zone!!

When are people going to wake up & see that when you put a flock of sheep in a pen, with no sheepdogs, & the wolf comes, the sheep are going to die!!

It's a god given right to defend one's life, give people the tools they need to get the job done!

Quit telling children not to fight back, teach them to fight!, with whatever is at hand!

"Security in the palm of their hand'
That's his Rave cell phone — a fantastical device he was required to buy from the university that not only gives him train schedules, class assignments, movie times and news, but a direct link to the campus police.

That makes as much sense at "unarmed security"
People need to take responsibility for their own security, the police got there in "Under 2 minutes" that left 5 dead & a bunch wounded. A cell phone is not security.

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