Thursday, December 20, 2012

So if the next killer uses Molotov Cocktail

Will we ban "Assault Bottles, and Assault Gas"?

In 1990 When this happened I wrote Senator John Glenn, and ask if we should pass some type of ban on gas containers, and require those with gas cans to register them, and further require those purchasing gas in cans to submit to a background check. His reply was there was no amount legislation, that would stop the acts of as madman But being a liberal legislator thought he could control the acts of madmen by controlling and banning certain types of weapons. When the end result is the same, what matter the means?
When the killer enter the theater in Aurora  one of 5 showing Batman, but the only one with a "No Guns" sign, instead of hurling smoke canisters, had throw Molotov cocktails the results might have been much worse.  We would have shaken our heads and perhaps questioned our mental health laws, but no one would be discussing banning certain fuels or containers.

Other than the Gifford's shooting, most of the mass killers go to "No Guns" helpless victim zones because they don't want to fight, they want to kill. They want everyone else to feel their pain, and they do it by killing. I'm not going to say arm all the teachers, but I am saying give those that are willing to have an effective means to stop the killers, and yes in most cases that would be a firearm.

But instead of grasping the simple solution, the legislators want to pass laws that will effect millions of Americans, that would never hurt a child, or another person for that matter, in the vain hope of stopping a mad man.

The problem is not the guns, or types of guns, it is we have crazy people in the world, in China they have mass knife attacks, on the same day as Sandy Hook, 23 stabbed and cut. Others have left multiple dead and wounded. Because no one had an effective means to stop them.

Children do not need to be told there are monsters in the world, they know there are monsters, children need to know you will protect them from the monsters.

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