Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh yeah, that will save lifes

Anti toy gun group

So these are bad?

But this is Just a game

and this is just a movie

Now before you go off, I have nothing against video games, and action or horror movies, but some of them are not suitable for young children. You say they have no influence, on young minds? Yeah right, that is why growing up I wanted to be like John Wayne, & Randolph Scott (if you do not know who John Wayne or Randolph Scott was do some research) Is it OK for young children to watch XXX movies?, Why "No" you say? hmm but it is OK to be the first person shooter in a game, and watch heads explode to get points, and it is ok for them to watch people being butchered on the big screen, but God forbid they play with a toy gun. 

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Anonymous said...

And, as one of the other bloggers stated (sorry, I forget who) watching hours of video games don't warp young minds, but advertisers spend millions on Super Bowl ads.