Friday, December 14, 2012


"it will take new laws to get the old laws working."

I keep seeing the term "The Gun Culture", well from what I've been seeing in my part of the world, is the gun culture is the new American Culture, and the new gun culture is out numbering those opposed.
The new guard as it were are the citizens of this great country waking up and realizing they have to be responsible for their own safety.

A lot of new folks are buying guns, and many are seeking training, and guidance But see they know something, they know the world is not a safe place, and they know the President, the mayor of NYC, and the cop on the beat, can't protect them from dangerous people.

Additional "comprehensive sensible gun laws" will only hamstring the law abiding, law really has no effect on criminals. There are only 2 things that deter criminal behavior: Surety of capture/or failure, and surety of punishment.

But since the author in the link states we need more gun laws I'll propose two new federal gun laws:
1. Make it a federal crime to steal a gun
2. Make it a federal law that the owners manual accompanies every used gun 

I'd also like to see a federal law, that requires any business that has a "No Guns" policy in regard to customers or employees, be required to have in place armed and trained security whose job is not to protect the business, but the people in the business. In other words if you are going to deny my means to self protection, then you are responsible for my safety and security.

We do not need to have a conversation, the American people have spoken, conversation is over.

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