Monday, December 17, 2012

It is not just crazy people

There are also terrorists threat

They kill their own kids why wouldn't they kill ours? All the signs, and laws and regulations are not going to stop them. The only thing they fear is failure, they do not fear imprisonment or death only failure. We have to detect and deter them 100% of the time, they only need to get it right once.

Weather we like it or not, the world has changed, we have trained 2 generations of people to give bad guys what they want, and we have taught 2 generations of children to embrace violence without discipline. We must accept the fact that there are people who hate us, just because of who we are, and will go to any length to destroy us.

We have to stop playing pretend, and get our heads out of the sand, stand up and realize that these threats are real, and can happen in any city, town, or village, at any time. While we can hope and pray they don't, we should prepare in-case they do. The fastest response time is by those at the scene, I'm not saying arm all of the teachers, but allow those willing to be trained, and armed to do so. Allow those licensed parents to carry on school property. 

It is not about the guns, people have had access to guns for well over a hundred years, including repeating arms, but the chaos has been going on for less than 20 of those years. Our society has changed, and we either need to step up and do what is necessary, or be destroyed

In the 1700's authorities required that all men be armed, due to the threat of Indian attack, well the Indians are no longer the threat, but gangs, terrorists, and those sick mentally ill are. We do not need to have everyone armed, but allow those that are willing and trained to do so. Since their biggest fear is failure the short term answer is to meet force with force.

Laws signs and bans will not be a solution, because those with a cause, will find a way, and are not intimidated by either laws or signs, how many laws did the Sandy Hook killer break? Passing more would prevent it? Did a locked door with a sign stop him? Did an adult telling him stop, stop him? The only thing that stopped him was a bullet, in this case his own after the carnage. From all reports the teachers tried to protect those lambs, but without teeth they died with their flock. I would have much rather heard that he died from a bullet that one of the teachers fired, and ended his rampage. Had our laws allowed, and even if one had been armed they would have at least  had a change.

The laws we have put in place to protect our children were as much an instrument in the killing as the guns the killer brought with him.

We have been hit, now we can either play Chicken Little and run hither and yon and cry the sky is falling, or we can do what Americans have always done, and pull ourselves up by our boot straps, and protect all those soft targets with citizens willing to step into the breach.

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