Thursday, June 14, 2012

Police Chief Shoots

Himself, while cleaning gun

From the article I will assume it was a Glock, now we can't blame the booger hook on this one, Glock's do have to be de-cocked to take apart. How about not following instructions? All the Glock manuals I've seen show to grasp the take down tabs from beneath the firearm, but how many people do you see grasp the tabs from the top?
Which leaves some part of the hand in front of what? Muzzle you say? You are correct!

What did we learn in basic firearms class? 
Always point the gun in a safe direction

That muzzle is always pointed at something


kahr40 said...

I was also taught always remove the magazine and clear the chamber before doing any maintenance or cleaning. Better yet take the ammunition and put it out of the reach of the work area.

The Duck said...

Which is completely correct