Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lube is

well it's lube

Both Vickers & Hackathorn recommended Mobil 1 for the 1911

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Gary said...

A friend of my that used to work in the petroleum industry would have a heart attack regarding the recommendation to use motor oil. His perspective is that any petroleum product continues to refine itself, eventually returning to a state closely resembling asphalt. Therefore he never uses petroleum-based lubricants on any of his guns. I suspect his fears are right if the gun is going to be lubed and left in storage for years--I had a Colt 1903 semi-auto that had been lubed a lot by the original owner but seldom, if ever, shot. As a result, all of the dust and oil over the years clogged up the firing pin channel so thoroughly that the first time I shot the gun it went "full auto" on me because the firing pin stuck. I had to soak that gun for almost a week in solvent to break things free again.