Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Catholic Church

Is a Gang


Teke said...

growing up going to Catholic school i was taught that Rosary beads are not jewelry and are not intended to be worn rather carried in your pocket.

I see a trend in TX where more and more teens are wearing rosary beads. I am not convinced that the groups I am seeing are devout Catholics.

However I still agree that making the kid remove them is wrong.

Teke said...

On a separate note you could argue that the members of religious order Priests, Bishops, cardinals etc. are infact a gang. Especially those above the local church level. Especially if you look at the cut they try to take from the local churches income.

I would say more like mafia demanding protection money from the local churches. or Socialist government demanding money for redistribution.

David said...

Even as someone who's been very vocal about the growing anti-Catholicism in the US, I can't get outraged over this one. Yea, it's a brain dead rule, intended to save school administrators from having to think. However, the rosary ain't jewelry. If the boy wants to help his grandma he should PRAY the rosary, not wear it.