Friday, June 22, 2012

Liberal Spin

On Contempt charges by the GOP

Again the tried old "let's blame Bush" lament

Now at least when it was done under Bush, 3 things happened, 1. they informed the Mexican Government they were doing it, 2. They tried to add electronic trackers, to well actually track the weapons. 3. When that failed the entire program was shut down.

Later with Obama in office the program is restarted without informing the Mexicans, without any means of tracking the weapons until they show up at a crime scene, and continued until they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Now why restart a program with fewer safe guards than a previous failure, unless you have your own agenda? 

Now if the whole thing were rogue agents acting on their own, Holder could have proved that over a year ago, but instead denials, and side stepping, until he is in the corner, that it really did come down from above, and Executive Privilege only counts if the President/Whitehouse were also involved. 

I for one agree with the NRA, it was a lesson Clinton learned in 94, when he lost the House and the Senate.

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