Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The fate of the 2nd Amendment is in your hands! Buckeye Firearms Foundation is playing a key role in the most important 2nd Amendmentcase in American history. We need your help NOW! Please read and respond to this message IMMEDIATELY!Dear Buckeye Gun Rights Supporter, You and I have a historic opportunity to alter the path of gun rights inAmerica for the next 100 years.I'm sure you know that the Supreme Court has decided to hear the casecalled "District of Columbia v. Heller." This landmark case will decidewhether the Second Amendment means what it says or whether anti-gunpoliticians can disarm citizens on a whim. What you may not know is that our recently formed Buckeye FirearmsFoundation has been invited to provide an Amicus Brief to the U.S.Supreme Court supporting the pro-gun side of the case. This may be the single most important moment in the history of the SecondAmendment. And it is your chance to play a part in the making of thathistory. Quite literally, the FATE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS INYOUR HANDS!That's why I'm asking for you to make a generous donation today.We urgently need your help NOW!For almost 70 years, dishonest and ignorant judges, professors,journalists, and politicians have interpreted the Second Amendment as a"collective right" that can be heavily regulated or ignored when convenient.And now we have a chance to right this wrong. To meet this challenge, Buckeye Firearms Association recently formed aseparate entity called Buckeye Firearms Foundation LLC. This foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization. The charitable purpose of this foundationwill be to "advance the civil rights afforded by law or constitution relatedspecifically to gun rights." The 501c3 status of this organization allows us to collect tax deductible donations to be used exclusively for this charitablepurpose. As always, we work in the most cost-effective way possible. Everyoneinvolved is a volunteer putting in hundreds of hours without compensation.But there are necessary and unavoidable out of pocket costs related topresenting this brief to the Supreme Court. One of our biggest costs will be printing. The Supreme Court of the UnitedStates has very specific requirements for submitting briefs. They requirespecial paper and binding that is not readily available, and therefore expensive. Buckeye Firearms Foundation has contracted for theprinting of our brief with a printer who has Supreme Court experience.This printing is needed in the first week of February. I'm asking you to help us pay for this printing and for our other expenses as well, including research, delivery, and travel as we do the difficult and time-consuming work needed to see this case through to a winning decision. This Foundation is brand new. We have ZERO funds right now. And time isshort. We urgently need YOUR help. There has never been a need morepressing or important. In the coming weeks, we will set up a PayPal account to accept donationsonline. But we can't wait for that. Please. Take out your checkbook andmake the most generous tax deductible donation you can afford. Make your check payable to Buckeye Firearms Foundation LLC. Then mail your check to: Buckeye Firearms Foundation LLC15 West Winter StreetDelaware, Ohio 43015 This is the same address as Buckeye Firearms Association. But your check must be made out to the Foundation. By law, we must keep thesefunds separate. And remember, your donation is fully tax deductible forcharitable purposes. =======================================================GET HISTORIC GIFTS WITH YOUR DONATION: Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime, historic event, we have decided toprovide you with special gifts depending on the level of your donation:$25 -- You will have the undying gratitude of pro-gun patriots nationwide. $50 -- You will receive a copy “Ohio Gun Law Guide," 2nd Edition signedby the author.$100 -- You will receive the "Ohio Gun Law Guide" plus a personal letter ofappreciation from Buckeye Firearms Foundation. $250 -- You will receive the "Ohio Gun Law Guide" plus the Buckeye Patriot Award to frame and hang on your wall. $500 -- You will receive the Guide, the Patriot Award, and a bound copy of the historic Amicus Brief presented to the U.S. Supreme Court. This will be a treasure you will want to pass on to your children to show yourparticipation in this landmark event in American History. ========================================================"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, theright of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."You know what the Founding Fathers meant when they penned those words. And now it's your chance, perhaps your only chance, to help the Supreme Court explain it to the rest of America. And to the world. If you value your freedom...if you cherish your rights...if you want to shape a better future for yourself and for generations to come...if you want to personallyplay a roll in this historic Second Amendment case...then please help us. Get your checkbook right now. Write a check for as much as you can afford. And send it to: Buckeye Firearms Foundation LLC15 West Winter Street Delaware, Ohio 43015
I sent my donation yesterday, & you should do the same!

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