Friday, January 18, 2008

Perhaps parents should be banned

Here is another case of a adult killing a child, we had the guy in Alabama throw 4 children off a bridge, the father in Mason OH who set fire to his house and killed his 4 children, The woman in DC that stabbed strangled, & beat her 4 children to death, & now this one all in the first 18 days of the year
"The horrifying incident Thursday on the highway cutting through the heart of the city shocked Honolulu residents, causing panicked parents to phone day care centers to check on their children."

Up date another one:
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - A woman with a history of mental illness purposely walked her young niece and nephew into oncoming interstate traffic to commit a double-murder suicide, prosecutors said Friday.;_ylt=ApJN3nD5ocyf71Ydlk_9Q3ZH2ocA

So 15 children dead, & two women one by homicide, & one by Suicide, & not one shot fired, no gun involved, just evil sick adults.

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