Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Rotti

We brought her home 3 years ago, she was 12 & a victim of neglect, she only weighed about 50 pounds. Some how through over a year of neglect & starvation she had not lost herself, she still lived up to her name. Babie was indeed one very big loving baby, very gentle, & loved to be close to people, sometimes a bit demanding in the petting department.
She did have food issues, & although she got along ok with the feline members of the family, she didn't like them around her food. She had spent her whole life in the city, but she took to country living well, she enjoyed visiting our neighbor, but she would not cross the field, she always went down the driveway, & down the road to his house.
As sweet as she was, she was also protective, when anyone uninvited came to the door she would hit it like a ton of bricks, of course she was nearing a ton as it were.
She had trouble with her hips last winter, but once we got her up, & she would teeter totter out the door, but come running back in like a pup, I often wondered if it was the same dog.
But this year was different, she fell down last Friday, & she never got up.
Last night we got her outside, & I took care of her, so she will not suffer. I fulfilled my side of the bargain, we make in our partnership with them. She will be missed, & I'm glad we were able to provide comfort, food, & love for the Babie in her final years.

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