Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Missing and presumed dead

Dad threw 4 kids off bridge;_ylt=AotmZshqZObO8cIk.7pg8h0E1vAI

Hmm, no glock?, no AK47?...................
The sick SOB, was mad at his wife, & throws four children off of a bridge.
Where all the calls to ban bridges?, bodies of water? hmmm?
"Echoing silence"
It's man that is evil, not their methods


Anonymous said...

If bridges served only recreational purposes, but were used to kill people on a daily basis, you had better believe they'd be banned.

MadRocketScientist said...

Actually, bridges are used to kill people on a regular basis, but those deaths are usually called suicides. Of course, there are murders as well, but usually we have to wait until the bodies decompose away from the cement overshoes.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon Bridges cause Murder, suicide, & accidents!