Sunday, December 05, 2010

Speaking of being alert

Tam's safety tip

Today we had our first factory squib load,(UMC) the primer fired, the powder did not. We also had a factory (WWB) 380 auto, round had the bullet nearly buried in the case, right out of the box, making a very small but effective pipe bomb, lucky that the case was so budged out it wouldn't chamber

Check That Ammo!!
Speaking of Winchester White Box ammo.
In Oct. one of my students found 2 rounds of 40 S&W in a box of 9mm 115 gr FMJ's The box was sealed when he arrived, and he did not bring any other ammo with him other than 3 boxes of 9mm.
In November, a student reported he had found 2 rounds of .380 in a box of 9mm.

Update: the squib load of UMC was from an older box, that had not been stored in the best conditions


Patrick said...

I'm a little confused by your explanation. The bullet was buried in the case so the round would not chamber, but the primer fired and the powder did not? At best you have a hang-fire. A squib would have had the bullet in the barrel.

The Duck said...

The squib was a UMC round
Theone with the bullet set to deep was a WWB

Patrick said...

You know.. details are everything and even though I read that there were two different manufacturers, it didn't register.

Reading through Google Reader, I didn't see that picture either (odd actually, I see other pictures from blogger blogs).

That round should be 24.99mm long overall and clearly it isn't. I see that kind of bulge reloading all the time and never being a problem. It's hard to tell how big the bulge really is from the picture, but the case at the neck should be 9.474mm wide

The Duck said...

I added the Pic. after the post
I thought the other Inst had it, but turned out I did.