Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Over/Under self defense

Seems Mossberg is introducing an O/U for home defense under the Maverick line

Price seems to be around $400, I'd think a pump would be more effective, at a lower cost.

CZ has a new auto loader, the 712 for about $50 more, would in my opinion work a lot better
For long gun self defense, I keep the CAR-15 ready, but my closest neighbor is well over 300 yards away, and the exterior walls, and some of the interior walls are 1 foot thick, solid brick construction.
For urban dwellers a SG is likely a better choice


Beaumont said...

Well, it should appeal to the country club set. "I say, old chap, raise your hands or I'll powder you."

Kendal Black said...

I actually do see a use for a double barrel defense gun. Some people are mechanically maladroit. A double may be the best possible gun for them. They can't put the shells in it backwards, or short stroke it, it's easy to check for loaded or clear, etc.

The supremely obvious operation of the break-open action makes it, if not foolproof, at least highly fool resistant.

The Duck said...

That is true, but it should have ejectors instead of extractors