Friday, November 07, 2008

Inventory time

I have been really busy with the interior of the building, well really Dana is doing most of the work I just have been going & getting building supplies.
But I have gotten the basement entrance sealed up & just have to finish the plumbing run for the building in the crawlspace & connect to the well pump.

But did a quick count last night,
I do have 3 stripped AR lowers, I also have an assembled lower but I'll give that to Dana for the work he is doing. I have several assembled rifles. I counted at least 85 30 rd mags, & another 20 or so 20 rounders. I have around 10k in 223 ammo.

There were at least 70 13 round browning mags

Likely 25 for the XD pistols (Although several are 10 rounders, a guy was at the gunshow selling them for $8.50 ea, verus $25 for the hi caps) & another 20 for the Sigs

I had only four mags for the mini-14 so I ordered four more

Just remembered the M1 carbine I'll have to see about mags for it but think I'm in decent shape

A good # of 1911 mags, & have 9 for the 1911 Gun-Blog 9

Yeah the M&P 9mm has 6 mags but I like to have 10 for each handgun

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