Thursday, November 20, 2008


with the building.....
The Drywall arrived Tuesday, & by the time we unloaded & carried all in, we didn't get a lot done, I'm sure it would be a lot easier if it were warmer, & there is no heat hooked up yet.
I have been running insulation & a friend has been helping with getting the drywall up, but it's nether going smoothly of as fast as I'd like, of course it does not take long to over run where I have not put the pink stuff. Last night the first couple of sheets went pretty well, but when we moved across the room we had not calulated the 1 3/4 inch band beam, it turned into a comedy of errors, I told Jim I was tired when I started, & now I was tried & flustrated, so it was time to stop. I get on it tonight, & I'll have all day tomorrow, but we have 12 hour classes back to back Saturday & Sunday, & the panel lifter has to go back Monday night. I'm sure we will make it ok,
but keeping the fingers crossed.

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