Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home Improvement Stores

Well while I was still doing the 9-5 bit, I'd leave a bit early & stop at Lowes or Home Depot on the way to work, & pick up things I could haul in the car, they were both pretty much on the way to work.

But now, the 2 closest Lowes are both 25 miles away South Dayton, or Richmond Indiana.

So Black Friday we trooped up to Richmond & found a 3rd one Menards, I was surprised how much lower the prices were, but then I'm not sure how much I may have saved, making trips there when the others were on the way.

But now it does not make a lot of difference I'll likely be picking up the rest of what I need in Richmond.

It is pretty amazing what one can haul in a Crown Vic. For the interior of the building I have hauled all the framing lumber, Insulation bales, really everything except the drywall, which we had delivered. (A friend offered his truck, but for only $25 the Local Carter's brought it which also meant we only had to unload the truck)

Of course it's always amazing anything you pick up ahead of time because you know you are going to use it, has to be moved 50 billzillon times, because no matter where you put it, it's got to in the way

The last large item I need is a 5 foot sink base for the kitchenette, & which I could likely figure a way to haul it, I'll take the friend up on his offer to haul it for me.

Bear with me a couple of more weeks till this project is done, & we will get back to shooting & self Defense

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