Monday, July 13, 2015


The Japanese Martial Art of Shooting, blends shooting with martial arts to give the student options in a fight, and the skills needed to prevail.

It was great to have Soke Hall, and Sensi Hood on hand again this year for 3 days of training on the range and in the Dojo.

The range varied from 2 yards to 25 yards this year usually some of the course is shot out to 50 yards, but the weather got us this year.  In the Dojo students learned weapons retention, malfunction drills, and the Kata's of Hojutsu.

They will be back in the area next year, and may do a carbine course in addition to the pistol course. watch the MDT Calendar for dates

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Greg said...

Glad to see this posting on Hojutsu. Hopefully this training puts a major emphasis on the mental aspect of the art as well as the physical and shooting aspects. Many military personnel that are also practitioners of Hojutsu (and especially prisoners of war) have credited the Hojutsu mindset as a key to successfully surviving their ordeals.