Thursday, July 09, 2015

9 years old today

Yep posted the first post on July 9th 2006, there have been times I've posted a lot, not sure if much of it was ever read by anyone. Then there have been times of little to no content, life got in the way.
Nearly 7800 times I either had something to say or share. I hope to continue to post, and share. I've been told  that 9 years is old as a blogs go. Hell it wasn't that long ago I didn't know what a blog was, came across Jeff Soyer, and read his, still do, then somewhere Tam and Say Uncle among others. Decided I could do the same. It really can be harder then it looks. Often I've just shared links as I couldn't say it any better than someone else already had.
But like today I wanted to cross 8000, but hosting Jeff Hall and Hojutsu tomorrow, and the range and classroom still need attention.
Many know that Mad Duck Training is not a one man operation, I have several instructors that work with me, but the majority of grounds and range maintenance, Keeping the classroom up, ordering materials and assembly of such is  mostly my job, so there are times there is no time for the blog as it were.
But anyway 9 years down and hopefully at least that many more to come.  

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