Friday, April 17, 2015

When traveling it pays to do research

You just never know

I had my own close call, in Nashville and I was staying in a $200 a night hotel. Friday evening early still daylight, I took Mags for a walk, dam few places in the city to walk the dog for dog purposes, if you know what I mean. Mags is my German Shepherd in training as a service and companion dog, and she is 10 months old. We had just gotten back to hotel, and as I rounded the corner, I noticed this guy just kind of walking around in the middle of the street, something not sure what it was, but I felt a red flag go up. I proceeded with the dog into the hotel, and was near the elevator, and the guy walked into the lobby, 2nd red flag and just squatted down, and looked around 3rd red flag. then stood up and headed for the exit, but gave me a direct look, and showed a grimace as he went out. The elevator arrived, and we got on, just as the door is closing I see he is back in lobby, and headed directly for the elevator, my hand is under my vest, and I at this point had a firing grip on pistol. I guess luck was with me, as the doors closed at this point and I didn't see him again. I have no idea what he had in mind, but evidently didn't see a half grown GSD an obstacle.

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