Thursday, April 09, 2015

Louis Awerbucks legacy lives on.

DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN Course June 19-21, 2015

The torch has been handed to Steve to continue the legacy of Louis Awerbuck and Yavapai Firearms Academy (YFA) doctrine. Steve has full endorsement from YFA and will be presenting certificates for these YFA classes representing YFA and AK Tactical. Steve also has all the rights to the target systems from YFA. This is a huge honor for Steve.

This 2 ½ day course is designed to create reflexive gun handling, competent marksmanship and tactical thinking. In addition it places strong emphasis on learning what the shotgun will, and most particularly WILL NOT, do. The importance of patterning the shotgun properly is discussed at length. The course also covers ammunition selection, loading and unloading, reloading and ammunition selection while involved in a shooting scenario, shooting from several ready positions and various tactical body positions, dim-light and flashlight shooting, shooting on the move, moving targets, multiple targets and weapon retention. Transition to a pistol is covered for those clients who have taken prior pistol training. Ammunition requirement is 400 Birdshot, 50 Buckshot and 70 Slugs. Fifty (50) rounds of Pistol ammunition is required if the client wishes to participate in the Shotgun/Pistol transition portion of the course. A sling or carry strap on the weapon is MANDATORY for this course.

Successful completion of the Defensive Handgun Course – Level I is preferred but not mandatory.
Students must have either a valid Concealed Carry Permit, provide current military or law enforcement identification, or have obtained a background check prior to participating in this training.
¤  Good quality shotgun, Heavy-duty handgun system, Strong-side, outside the pants hip holster with fully enclosed trigger guard for safety purposes, either thumb-break or friction fit retention system
¤  Ammunition carrier, speed loaders for revolvers or 3 magazines for semi-automatics
¤  Appropriate clothing Ball cap, BDU pants, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.
¤  Mandatory protective gear Safety glasses and hearing protection
¤  Protective gear can be provided by Defensive Solutions  upon request
¤  Recommended protective gear Knee pads, Elbow pads,

This class will be taught by Mr. Steve McDaniel owner of Alaska Tactical & Security, Inc. (Thunder Ranch Adjunct Instructor, Former Gunsite Academy, Inc. Adjunct Instructor, Yavapai Firearms Academy Adjunct Instructor, NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor) and conducted in Lakeville, IN. Class size is very limited, cost is $375, and a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a slot. Contact Norm Hood @ 907-952-4788 with questions.

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