Thursday, March 28, 2013

The low down

On Sandy Hook

Sky is falling version 

Total of 9 30 rounders, 3 were still full

155 rounds fired, in around 5 minutes, and since he was dropping partly loaded magazines, and reloading, 10 round magazines wouldn't have made a difference, since he committed homicide to obtain the guns, "Universal" background checks wouldn't have stopped him.


Matthew said...

Context is key, you can shoot almost a third of that total number of shots with a bolt gun in the same time with a little practice at close range.

One front of our battle for gun rights has to be politely educating people who don't have personal experience with guns, and reminding those that do to think about their experience.

The emotional claims will get harder as people learn facts.

David said...

So he reloaded, and kept going. Kind of shoots the argument for magazine limitations right in the a$$...

Thought that if they had to stop and reload, then otherwise unarmed citizens could rush the shooter with scissors and pencils...not much of a tactic for 6- and 7-year olds.

You could even make a case that the more severe the magazine capacity limitation, the greater the likelihood that a spree killer would select the most physically vulnerable victims he could find...they're less capable of resisting while he reloads.

Unintended consequences...