Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No America stood up

And said you are not taking away our rights, because of the acts of one person, and the politicians that want to keep their jobs heard us


Brian P. said...

They keep saying that he exclusively used the AR-15 as if it had been proven beyond a doubt. I still have yet to see the official report. But it's sad to know that some people will listen to this "journalist" and regurgitate these lies. And they'll continue to marginalize those Americans who opposed the atrocity known as the AWB.

David said...

What difference does it make whether he used an AR-15 or not? Is your opposition to gun control contingent upon that factor?

How about we just fight gun control based on the fact that it doesn't work and it's unconstitutional...instead of a red herring conspiracy debate that an AR-15 wasn't used at Newtown?

Pursuing this line of "reason" makes us just as guilty as the other side of focusing on the implement, rather than the criminal.

Brian P. said...

No, I oppose all restrictions on firearm ownership because even the smallest restriction is an infringement on mine and every other citizens natural and constitutional rights as human beings. I really wish the NRA and other orgs would stand and fight against current gun control acts. Can you imagine if states took the same paper work and ID requirements in place today for buying a new gun and applied it to voting? I'm just getting sick and tired that there really aren't any people in positions of influence calling these people out on all their hearsay and half truths being touted as absolute fact.

Anonymous said...

That is some of the most blatant blood dancing I've ever seen. Truly disgusting.