Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thinning the herd

Those that know me, know when I find something I like, I really need more than one.
When I went to the Para Blog Shoot at Blackwater in 2008, I was a Browning High Power guy, and there were 14 of the little darlings in the safe, well 13 I was carrying one.

I found when I got back I could shoot the Para 1911 (9mm) a bit better than the HP, and began buying 1911's in both 9mm and 45, and thinned the Brownings down to 7. Not only did I have a mix of 9mm and 45 but brands as well, Kimber, Para, S&W, Springfield, and even a Charles Daly.  Last fall I thinned them down to a 11, as I sold several to pay for a Wilson Combat CQB (9mm).

Well thinning them again, going to sell all but one of the 45's, I'm no spring chicken, nor am I the biggest guy in the room, and after a recent 200 round range session with one of the 45's, I found my groups opening up, and the following day, my hands, wrists, and elbows ached like crazy (Advil gets to be more and more you friend as you get older) The recoil had kicked my butt.

As Harry Callahan said a Man needs to know his limitations,

I plan to keep shooting, and continue to enjoy it for a longtime, just in a smaller caliber

I suppose that JM625 ought to go too.

As to those HP's several are FN made police trade in's, and make great car guns


NotClauswitz said...

Woot! I kick myself for passing up the late 70's Combat Commander in 9mm - but I'm tied-up in .45acp... My limitations are clear and distinct: money. No haz - but I still have maybe two too many Sigs.

The Duck said...

Last year I ran across an early 70's Colt Commander in 9mm, I'd guess rated about 80%, but for $600 it had to come home with me