Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm OK with Hi-Capacity Magazine Bans

I AM NOT OK with bans on standard capacity magazines

On AR-15's, and AK47's standard capacity is 30 rounds, many handguns were designed with standard capacity magazines ranging from 15-20 rounds.

But whatever number they come up with 5 -6 or 10 is a number they yanked out some dark hole where had their head firmly planted

Really they should be thankful that the Arizona killer (alleged)  brought a 33 round magazine, that gave an older lady the leverage she needed to wrench it away from him, and be thankful the Colorado killer(alleged) brought a 100 drum magazine that failed or the body count could have been a lot higher.

In truth I'm not OK with a ban on the high capacity magazines ether, but they should not be considered hi-capacity until they exceed the standard capacity of the gun's design.

We as shooters and gun owners, need to quit playing their game, this time the magazine thing could get traction, and we should not give in . but make a point of what is standard and what isn't

We should also make a point that they were in fact never banned outright, they just got more expensive, only  standard magazines made after a certain date were banned.

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