Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I always recommend against

Open Carry

It is your life and your right, but I truly do not recommend it.


A Critic said...

If you concealed carry you are more liable to have a gun pointed at you. Is your draw so quick and your aim so sure as to warrant appearing to be a victim?

The solution is to open carry for the deterrent effect and concealed carry for the surprise! effect.

The Duck said...

I really do not believe OC deters, instead of just pointing a gun they will just shoot you. CCW keeps them guessing as to who might be armed.
Bad guys have two ways to get to you 1. smooze their way in (What time is it?, My Puppy is missing, etc) or ambush you.
If your state allows it then it is a choice you make yours and I'll make mine.