Friday, April 16, 2010

Paul Helmke is sad this week

Paul lets get one thing straight, for Columbine, those punks violated about 23 laws before they ever entered the school, so I'm pretty dam sure a couple of more would not have stopped them, and as to VT, the system was in place, to report the shooters mental problems well before anything bad happened, but no one did what they were suppose to do, so there was nothing to stop him. From the judge, to the professors, they ignored the problem, don't blame Glock.

If I go out in the country build a pen, and fill it full of sheep, and post signs, that say "No Wolves Allowed", and get the government to pass a laws that make wolves killing sheep illegal, when I come back in a week will I still have sheep?, or would I perhaps leave some sheepdogs with the flock, would I have a better chance, at finding my flock alive?

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