Monday, March 30, 2009


Managed to hit the gun show yesterday, it seemed prices on AR's were a bit more reasonable.
Mags were still holding around $15 for 30 rounders, at a # of tables.

Ammo was still pricey, although I did find a dealer selling "Critical Defense" for $15 a box in 9mm, which isn't bad for self defense ammo.

Of course it was the end of the month, & people seem to be a bit tapped by then, & next month with tax refunds etc, it could pick back up.

Nothing I really found of interest, although I was a bit tempted by one of the new Pro Series S&W M&P 5 inch tacticals, nice trigger, fiber optic front sight. But right now I have a whole lot more handguns than I need or can shoot, so I saw no reason to spend the money.

We were only there about a hour & a half, & the crowd was picking up, so I may be wrong.

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