Friday, March 06, 2009

Attempting Wireless

There must be a hole in coverage tried to hook up a wireless modem to my computers yesterday, Verizon says I have full coverage, where I live, but both computers says I will incur a $20+ roaming charge if I hook up, & then won't allow me to hook up.

Of course I'm about as tech challenged as they come, it never seems to be as simple as the directions say, is it me or does everyone else run into this?

I have a busy 3 days, & not sure when I'll have time to call tech support (hope they speak english-that I can understand) But it would be handy to go faster, there are many days that the dail-up is more than flustrating. I end up doing only what I have to do, & not much of what I want to do.

PS: NO excuses this would be a good weekend to go to the range as it will be warmer than it been in about 4 months

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