Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taurus 1911 ??

To round out my collection of 1911's I'd like one in Stainless, my dealer says he could get me one for about $500. But...I've heard both good & bad on the Taurus Model 1911's, anyone have any feedback?

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pops1911 said...

I've had one (Blued) for almost a year now & other than a little bluing showing thin from everyday carry in a kydex holster no problems. It shoots great & of course disassembles as any 1911 for cleaning. I have the rail on it & use a variety of lasers & lights as needed. It was a pain to find a holster when I got it, so I had to modify my Blackhawk Serpa to fit the rail (that's what Dremmel tools are for!).