Friday, October 03, 2008

Still Digging

Tonight will be the 3rd night digging in the crawlspace, so that we can run water & electrical, phone line & computer cable, to the new building.
Of course someone back filled that end of the crawlspace so it is fairly tight, & I'm having to dig about 4 feet down to get to the trench, it didn't help that the first night I was about a foot to far to the left & missed the trench completely. Last night the light kept going out so for about an hour I dug in total darkness.

I really need to get it done tonight, as the contractor wants the trench filled before he starts.
Once he has the shell up, I'll wire it insulate it, & drywall it etc etc etc.

A lot of projects this month, & a lot of classes, seems I'm going in circles

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