Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sheep can't do much

The story has been all over the net about the guy stomping & beating his 2 yr old son to death, how 10 people stood by & did very little to stop the man or his attack.

But sheep lack the tools & the training, & they really don't have the stomach for violence.

Very few do, the wolves, jackals and the hyenas, because they know what they want can be taken by force, and the sheep are for the most part helpless to stop it.

That's where sheepdogs come in, but states like California detest sheepdogs, they want the police to handle it.

But don't blame the sheep, they can learn & they can train and perhaps be better prepared the next time. But they have to be willing to come over to the dog side, & some just can't do it.

Last week a boyscout camp got hit by a tornado, but instead of acting like a bunch of frightened children, the scouts did what they were trained to do give first aid, recover the dead & wounded, but without the training they would have been a bunch of scared kids & more of them might have died..

We are only overwhelmed when we don't know what to do.

If you are wanting to loose the wool & grow some fangs go read "ON COMBAT" by Dave Grossman

The Book will help you gain the knowledge, you have to develop the attitude, & pick a direction to get training in the skills you will need.

Then you won't be the one, wishing they could have done something

That is all

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