Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I could use a couple of days at Blackwater

You can help send your favorite gun blogger to summer camp at Blackwater USA with world class shooter and instructor Todd Jarrett... and have a chance to win a invitation for yourself as well. Para USA, along with Blackwater, USA is sponsoring a weekend of first class instruction at the most exclusive training facility in the United States.

The 10 bloggers with the most votes will receive an invitation to this exclusive event, so let all your readers know! They can cast their vote on the para-usa.com website: http://www.para-usa.com/new/special/blogger_contest06-08.php . Better yet, everyone who votes will have the option of entering their own name for a chance to win the 11th invitation to this exciting weekend!

Go vote early & often!! http://www.para-usa.com/new/special/blogger_contest06-08.php

Sure I may not be your favorite, but they are giving away 10 spots & you could win the 11th one.

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