Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So what is really up with ammo?

In 2006 after the week long UN meeting, on small arms there was some agreement on controlling ammo as opposed to trying to disarm everyone.

Shortly thereafter foreign ammo supplies really dried up.

This year we hear the war effort is spiraling the cost, & China buying all types of metal in the USA.

Or could all this be an effort to disarm us?

Even most gun owners to not keep a lot of ammo sitting around, quite a number have to run to the store before they go shooting, or with indoor ranges buy it when they get there.

Now if we get real, & understand we really only need one fairly large attack or action of some kind, Martial Law could be declared, and you will have what you have.

There will be no running to Wal-Mart to get ammo.

So on August 28th stock up!! (you can beat the Sept price increase)

Yeah go ahead & laugh, I heard it in 92, when I told anyone that would listen to buy Hi-Cap mags. Then in 94 they were not laughing anymore.

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