Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I would say the officals at Payne Junior High in Chandler AZ are a bunch of liberal left, panises!!
Ball-less Geldings,

From the AP
School Suspends Boy for Sketching Gun

MESA, Ariz. (AP) - School officials suspended a 13-year-old boy for sketching what looked like a gun, saying the action posed a threat to his classmates.

Administrators of Payne Junior High in nearby Chandler suspended the boy on Monday for five days but later reduced it to three days.

The boy's father, said that when he went to the school to discuss his son's punishment, school officials mentioned the seriousness of the issue and talked about the massacre at Colorado's Columbine High School, where two teenagers shot and killed 12 students, a teacher and themselves in 1999. He said offended by the reference.

Chandler district spokesman Terry Locke said the crude sketch was "absolutely considered a threat," and that threatening words or pictures are punishable.

A sketch is threatening??
I can't help but think they are a bunch of bleating sheep, there in Chandler.
They are way to concerned about how they "feel", than to even show a lick of sense.

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