Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Actually it is lower

They state an almost 14% increase in firearms deaths

Yes over all number or total has increased, but.....

2003 USA Population was at around 290 million total firearms deaths rounded to 30,000
comes out 1 in 9666 people in the USA died by firearm.
2013 USA Population was 318 million total firearms deaths rounded to 34,000 
comes out 1 in 9352 people in the USA

So that is a .0325 increase if you factor in population growth, not a 14% percent jump in the rate.

Now suicides make up about two thirds, so would gun control lower the suicide rate? Well Japan with almost complete gun control has a suicide rate of 19.8, and ranks 14th in the world, and the USA has lax gun control per the liberals has a rate of 10.3 ranks 63rd Availability of firearms do not increase suicide attempts, they may just be simply more efficient in achieving ones goal.  Approx 51% of suicides are firearms, but having some magical gun control, does not mean they wouldn't have slit their wrist, hung themselves or overdosed on something.

Now to homicides in 2003 there were 11,920 firearms deaths, citing USA Today above in 2013 there were 11,208, so an overall drop of 6%
Accidental or unintentional firearms deaths have dropped 25% from 2001 to 2011, from 800 to 600 

So perhaps USA Today might want to explore why suicides are up, and not the methods used to end ones life.

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