Friday, May 29, 2015

They hope you are dumber than them

We elect stupid people, Mayor calls for stronger gun laws, if we were to follow his  logic, or lack of, all those places that have weak gun laws, that enable the violence in his city, should just be awash, in stacked and smelly corpses.

I'd think, which is something they not doing, that all those places with "weak" gun laws are much less violent , than all those places which have all those strict control laws.  Of course the mayor has to do something, so like a parrot he comes out shifts blame to the rest of the country.  In truth he really does not care, and the large majority are criminals, killed by other criminals. Yes to many they are children, teenagers, and by age they are that, but they are also gangsters, and the younger they are, the more violent they will be to gain rank in the gang.

Chicago does not have a gun problem, they have a gang problem, and even if you magically could remove all the illegal guns in the city, they would still kill the hell out of each other, with knives, clubs, even rocks, in that event I'd think the homicide rate would climb, as gun shots attract attention, and people like police and EMT;s tend to show up and pick up the wounded, on the other hand knives are pretty quiet. 

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