Wednesday, June 04, 2014

From the open carry debate

I'm not a fan
There is also a difference of open carry of a pistol in a holster, and parading around with a long gun. In the photo below, if I walked in on that, with shottie at low ready, I might well be looking for cover and drawing

The gun issue is really sensitive right now, and very polarized, you go to your favorite restaurant, carrying concealed, and no one is bothered, now your typical anti gun person may be large in spirit, but most are small in the pocket book, since most of the anti gun funding comes from guys like Bloomberg, or some foundation,  but you go waltzing in with your tactical whatever slung over your shoulder, you can just push them enough to write that check to Jim & Sarah.

Yes it is your right, but just because you can do something does not mean you should, but if you insist, keep it to a pistol in a nice belt and holster, and leave your long gun in the trunk, when you stop for that latte. 

On occasion I open carry, but I carefully pick the places  that I do open carry, so as not to throw salt in wounds

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Left Coast Conservative said...

I think I finally hit on why this practice is bugging people so much: handguns are defensive tools, but long guns are both offensive and defensive, so are much more threatening, so people react more viscerally, as did you by your comment.

Because of this, long gun open carry makes for BAD P.R. for the cause of public carry normalization.