Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad buy

Readers may remember back in December I ask about removing some what I thought was some rather tough cosmoline from an M1 Garand, well it turned out after a lot of cleaning to be a broken shell casing.
The gunsmith said it was corroded in place, and under the rear hand guard the barrel was badly pitted, plus what appeared to be dark rifling turned out to be pretty heavy corrosion, in checking out the rest of the parts he wasn't sure a new barrel would produce a shoot-able gun as he had some doubts about the operating rod.
His suggestion was sell the usable parts, rather than sink more money in the project

When I made the purchase, I picked what I thought was the best of 3 the dealer had, but life was a bit busy, and it got stuffed in the safe for 2 years before I attempted to shoot it, and when I did it was a bit late to go back to the dealer with it

lesson learned 

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