Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More from Anti Gun PNC Bank

Please allow me to respond to your email regarding our "No Gun Policy" posted at our Princeton Pike (Hamilton, Ohio) location. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. At this time, for the safety of our customers as well as our employees, PNC Bank currently has a "No Gun Policy" for all PNC Bank branches. I am sorry to read that you feel it necessary to close your accounts if this is our policy. While we do not like to lose our account holders, the safety of our customers and employees is a primary concern at our PNC Bank facilities. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify our position in this matter.
Michael A. Burkhart- AVP Assistant Vice President, Executive Client Relations
PNC Bank
38th Floor USX Tower
600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(p) 877-762-5555 Ext. 412803021> (f) 412-803-2956

Mr. Burkhart,
I will respect your signs, but I will move my business, and as a Firearms Instructor will advise my students of your policy. Has PNC had any incidents with firearms, by license holders? Studies have been done, by the federal government, that criminals, and active shooter types prefer posted properties. There by posting your properties has made your locations unsafe, there is no security in the parking area, or in the bank, so you have in fact created an unsafe environment for both your employees, and customers. I assure you I will be moving my acounts as soon as possible. One last item, if you going to post, post signs large enough to be seen, the first time I entered the Princeton Pike Location, I looked, and did not see the sign, on exiting I spotted it.
Good day sir,

So I know what I'll be doing in the morning

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