Monday, June 01, 2009


About 12 dumptruck loads so far, suppose to be 10 more today, & hopefully the "new" range will be done, we will go from around 24 feet to around 50 feet of back stop, with wings, although we won't be able to shoot south, we will be able to shoot north as well as east, & it will be a bout 2 foot taller. While he is here I'm having in put a compacted dirt pad in so we can add a yard barn for target storage etc right behind the pistol line.

The expansion started last year but equipment & weather have delayed completion, we had the extended base in last august, now it's just filling in compacting & getting the frontal angle right, & getting it high enough

But anyway I'm excited to see it getting done


Don said...

That is great news. I haven't been commenting much, but I've been watching you transition from 9-5 to your own firearms training facility over the last year, and it warms the heart.

The Duck said...

Thanks, we are not big, but we really try to give the best information & training we can.